Mark Wallace



Mark was raised in a military family by loving parents and five other siblings.  He was exposed to many different styles of Christianity during his family’s travels, as well as observing other religions while living overseas.  He was ever curious as to why people believed so differently.


Mark’s heart-quest to understand Christianity began during his late teen years in the mid 70’s. He attended dozens of churches and home fellowships looking for a group who lived the Word and walked with power like the believers of Acts.  He attended various Bible colleges and secular Universities to enhance his understanding of the Bible, of people, and of society.  He was ordained in 1995.


He and his wife of 34 years, Josephine, moved 27 times and served with various groups, from coast to coast, in multiple US cities.  Sometimes he worked as a full time minister and in smaller congregations, he held a secular job.


Mark has taught well over 10,000 services, has published numerous articles, as well as teaching multiple live classes and seminars.  Each presentation was with the intent of helping others discover who they are in Christ so they could fulfill their calling.

If you asked any church or temple group, from any denomination or religion, “How many of you believe you are on this earth for a reason?”  Everyone would raise their hand.  If you followed it up with the question, “How many of you know what that purpose is?”  Very few would respond.  Why?


This is why Mark started True North Ministry.  To help people find their true north, their position in the Body of Christ; to help them see the Word clear enough, from a fresh perspective, so they can fulfill their personal and dynamic calling.


Let’s live the Word and walk with power!