About Us

Basic Info:

True North Ministry was founded in 2011 but was many years in the making.  Each person in the leadership body has over thirty years of Christian leadership experience.  We chose Colorado Springs because of its location, its beauty, and its healthy Christian population.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to help those involved find their “true north” by an understanding of who they are in Christ. We endeavor to help them discover their part in the Body of Christ, as well as learning to uncover the super-conquering power that every Christian was filled with the moment they were born again.  We totally believe Jesus’ life-changing comment in John 14.

John 14:12:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Core beliefs:

We believe in the One True God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe, as it clearly states in Acts 2, that after the Day of Pentecost God gave His gift of holy spirit to anyone who makes Jesus lord and believes that God raised him from the dead (Romans 10:9-10).  This new birth allows us to live at a level most Christians only read about.  Once we see it in the Word and believe it in our actions, we too will do those “greater works” of John 14:12.  We can live the Word and walk with power!

Living it:

In order to live at that level of Christianity it takes a full-on believing mindset combined with a heart to serve.  It takes stepping outside of our comfort zone and stepping outside self-imposed, society-implemented, and religiously-expected boundaries.  It takes a fresh look at the scriptures, a stripping away of the filters of mediocrity, and a belief in who we are each designed by God to be. Let’s live the Word and walk with power, together!